Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free

Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free

In the late 1990’s, the bodies of eight women were discovered in a remote region of the Mark Twain National Forest – each one had been abducted from the St. Louis area, more than 100 miles away. A serial killer’s shocking crimes terrorized the city of St. Louis for 2 years and stopped suddenly. He left one clue to his identity – a survivor…

Carol Waverly, equipped with intelligence, a strong will, and charismatic personality, successfully put the past behind her – at least that’s what she thought. She buried the dark memories, and started over, finding true happiness with her new husband, Phil, and living in the safety of a small town – until…

The taunting phone calls started again – buried memories came flooding back…

15 years later, he’s back – ready to resume his deadly game of hide and seek with Carol as his number one playmate.

Coming 06.15.14

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In Loving Memory

On this day in 1989, I had to hold a funeral for my daughter, Amanda. No Parent should ever have to bury their child. In honor of her memory, a portion of all proceeds from Bliss Falls or any book will be donated to the March of Dimes. Some days it feels like it just happened yesterday and the pain is unbearable. I hope that in some small way I can help prevent another parent from going through that pain. I believe that donating to the March of Dimes is a good start.


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Bliss Falls (Book 1 – Run)




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Bliss Falls (Book 1 – Run)



The young killer followed Shannon the entire summer – stalked her. He craved every perfect, newly curved inch of her, silently, adoring her from afar. He had to have her. He would have her – completely.

Shannon turned sixteen that year and he watched her transform into an exquisite woman any man in his right mind would desire. A good deal of spunk filled her sparkling blue eyes as she sashayed around town with her fresh curves swaying ever so slightly, just for him. Flaunting her firm, flawless legs emerging from a pair of cutoff jeans, her dark silky waves touched just below her waistline and swayed in perfect harmony with her curves. That entire summer was theirs. He was her Romeo and she was his Juliet, she just didn’t know it – yet.

He shadowed nearly every move she made for three months, six days, and three hours – going on four. He shadowed Amy too of course. There was no choice in the matter. Wherever Shannon went, Amy went. They were inseparable, identical twins – identical in appearance only. Shannon was different – special – strong, active, feisty and simply breathtaking. She would be a challenge and he loved a challenge. Amy was timid, a shy little thing. He would take her too – a second Shannon.

Tonight’s the night. He started following the twins home from Hanson’s Movie Theater the steamy Missouri night he planned to take them – make both of them his, forever. Two Shannon’s for the price of one, silently he laughed. He continued on his pursuit, well prepared for the quest. He knew timing and patience were crucial to a successful quest and he waited – timing everything to perfection. He was careful, deadly silent, hiding behind massive oaks, bushes, and vehicles lining the roads of Bliss Falls until reaching the final destination.

Hiding in his usual spot, he stared in Shannon’s bedroom window one last time. Through sculpted shrubs sitting just out front, he spied on her private, intimate moments. He felt the heat soar through his body as he watched her undress, revealing her white lacy bra with tiny panties to match. Her long tresses brushed against bare, slightly tanned skin, touching an immaculate body – perfection. He was ready – or so he thought.

Sudden, unexpected headlights glared up the driveway almost striking him – revealing him. He threw his body down, hitting the grass and slithered towards the edge of the bush. No one was supposed to be here! I planned so carefully! He watched the shadowy figures emerge from the familiar Oldsmobile – Ginny and Danny Hopkins, along with Mayor Marston, Shannon and Amy’s father. They are not supposed to be here! He watched and waited for them to leave – and waited – and waited. His quest was crumbling before him. Ruined! His patience ran out and anger set in. He pulled out the six-inch blade from its cowhide sheath and thrust it into the ground below. They will die for this.

As planned, he left Bliss Falls the following day with no choice in the matter. He departed with every intention of coming back for Shannon, and Romeo did.

Copyright © 2013 Diane Copeland

All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-304-72027-6

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This eBook may not be re-sold or given away. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Embrace the Insanity!

Embrace the Insanity!
From the author of Breathe and Conundrum, comes the unexpectedly wicked thriller, Bliss Falls. The small town of Bliss Falls, Missouri comes under attack when a killer ravages the flooded rural community without warning. Shannon, a strong, determined young woman escapes a madman’s confinement setting off a series of disturbing events no one could ever imagine.

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Bliss Falls

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Just Breathe

Breathe is now free on Smashwords, Kindle or right here.

Breathe is a tale of two friends who share a common, yet devastating bond. Becca, healing from her own emotional and physical wounds, tries to help her friend Emily who suffers from abuse at the hand of her mother. Breathe is intended to bring awareness to the devastating epidemic we call child abuse.

A must read short.  I hope you enjoy!