Introducing Monika: The Shy, Bookish Character

Specks of sand flew into Monika’s eyes as her uncle’s old Chevy roared to life. She brushed the sand off of her shoulder, and squinted as she watched the red truck become a small blur in the distance. Her first instinct was self-inflicting pity, mostly because of her love for her uncle, and partly because he was the only adult around her household that understood her. Really understood her. She had always been an odd child, keeping away from social gatherings and relatives who wanted to chat about the precarious details of her life. For some reason unbeknownst to her- though she largely suspected that she was a self-diagnosed introvert and preferred solitude over human beings- her uncle saw something in her that made her feel special. My little princess, he would say, his eyes twinkling. She couldn’t quite fathom what made her a princess, and after countless days…

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