Writers Block?? Some helpful tips and exercises

We all get writers block from time to time. Here are some helpful tips and exercises that I hope you find helpful!

The following are writing exercises. Grab a pen and notebook and just start writing about the topic. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar and don’t stop to think about it, just go. Keep writing for 3-5 minutes.

Exercise #1
Write about leaving.

Exercise #2
Write about a time you felt frightened.

Exercise #3
Write about a funny moment in your life.

If you are suffering from writers block, try some of the following.

#1. Go for a walk or some form of exercise.
#2. Write with a notebook and pen or pencil instead of typing.
#3. Relax!
#4. Have a drink (if you’re old enough to do so, of course).
#5. Take a break. Walk away from what you’re writing for a while.
#6. Go have some fun!

I hope you find some of these exercises and tips helpful. Good luck!


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